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The One About The White Dress

A few months back, in a sweet turn of events my partner and I executed the most short and simple marriage ceremony ever known to our friends and families. Being the types of souls who cringe at the thought of extravagant wedding…and spending; we limited ours to only include the those who are very very close to us. Its another story that some of our friends are so mobile and were on different islands and continents.

Anyways, for the marriage ceremony the bride…or rather the anitbride wore SJmade. [Yes, I am speaking about myself in the third person, go ahead and roll your eyes]. I had bought the fabric long ago as I had known for quite some time that he is The One. So when the time came to decide what to wear, there was no fuss or rush to find the right fabric and design. IMG_0321Cutting into a perfect circle is an issues for me so I used another dress to measure and mark:IMG_0323Joining the bodice and the skirt needs multiple pinnings and measurements:IMG_0344IMG_0348And its all stitched up!IMG_0357To put a bit of colour to the attire, I wore bottle/emrald green Mollini heels and a pair of earings I had picked up in an antique store in Brisbane in 2011!430292_4161027620728_1820208436_nAnd here is a candid shot of us:10006603_10205953891303127_8880603051328499430_n

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