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The One About the Ruched Red

This would be the first time I am stitching something in red, let along ruching it. I particularly wanted to try out the ruching as the fabric was so soft and would just fall into place perfectly. Stitching on the gathers on the other hand was a difficult matter. I ended up using all my pins to hold them in place.


The end result was a fabulous as I had imagined; and I had learned a few lessons as well.

  1. Ruched dresses need to be well fitted or else they tend to hand on the body.
  2. Increase the length of the dress/pattern to increase the amount of ruching.
  3. Always, always use larger length stitches for the first seam, just in case.


And with the left over fabric, I manged to stitch up  a loose fitted, off-shoulder blouse.

DSCF2918   DSCF2913DSCF2933



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