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The One About the Guest Terrace

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been busy sorting and packing as we gear towards vacating our rental. We have lived there for a decade now and it is a bit overwhelming to say goodbye to this place. It was our first home, its where we made so many many memories. Our fights, our make-ups, our get togethers…the birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, tea parties, and the Christmas dinners.

I have been telling myself, its the people who make the place…so we have packed up our memories and are ready to relocate. The new residence is no where near done…its the biggest DIY project we have undertaken and have made our fair share of mistakes, but things are taking shape now, and we are designing a space keeping the purpose in mind. Our group of friends are like family to us and we are one of those groups who like to hang out together, a lot. So one of the first places I wanted to focus my energy on were the terraces.

Not wanting to add anymore to our already overbudgeted renovation, I set out to create a space with what we already had. It took some gap filling, sanding, painting, and re-purposing but I am almost done with it.

The seats are made of old pallets worth a total of $9, and the wall deco are wicker plates I picked for $4 while thrifting some time back. I just painted them with acrylic paint and wound some artificial vine [brought in from our previous residence] around them.

There are a few more finishing touches to add, but for now, I am happy to be using this space as it. Well, at least until my next thrift find.

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