The One About The LWD

I love colours; but more than that, I love the absence of them. I am in love with white, and black too. Its like an empty canvas and you can paint it whichever way you want.


Sometimes, I see a fabric and I will know what it will turn into. Other times, I would have no idea and buy the fabric anyway. Its a similar case with this white one. I had had it for a long time before its fate was sealed; and this too, only because I needed a dress for a brunch we were hosting at home!

Its a very simple cut and make and I did not take any in-process photographs 😦

But I do have lots of end product photographs!


The One About The Brilliant White

20150124_183434In one of my fabric hunting trips, I found this white fabric with blue prints – I fell in love. To make it worse, it was stretchable! I had to have it then.


Once home and a few dollars poorer, I set to work on this brilliant fabric. And did I mention that I am now a proud owner of these scissors with gold details? Have a look, I am not kidding 😉


I wanted to make a side gathered dress and since I don’t work with patterns, I had to make do with my imagination and some lousy calculations!


Despite all the challenges, the dress looks pretty good.



The One About The Kurti and Patiala


While waiting for my pick up from the bus stand this weekend, I found myself staring directly across the road at a thrift shop with a banner stating 50% off. Now what better way to wait than to wait while shopping. I have found numerous treasures in thrift stores, but never before had I come across Indian patiala pants and that too costing only 5FJD. So I ended up buying 4, I surely would have dug out more if time permitted.

Once home I set to make a kurti to go with these pants 🙂


I used decoration stitches for the sleeves and the neck design. Since I want to use this kurti with multiple pants, I thought to keep it as generic as possible therefore avoided using coloured thread.



The One With Laces & Whites

So I recently made an Indian inspired kurti/dress and had some leftovers from the lovely white material. Left with only triangular pieces, I dug out some lace to make a comfy blouse for the tropical weather.


The material was bit difficult to handle so I had to hand-stitch the edges before machine stitches.


Turned out pretty well me thinks.