The One With Embroidered Borders

A while back I worked on some leftover fabric and made a high-low cut blouse from it. I couldn’t do baby fold on the fabric as it was a bit heavy so I made a decorative stitch with a contrasting colour. And then I made many more decorative stitches and I loved it!



ย More recently, I tried to do a remake of that design, and succeeded ๐Ÿ™‚

I am beginning to love these easy breezy blouses a whole lot.

The black one, which is the latest of its kind took 2.5 hours to make as it is always a struggle to keep those stitches straight.






In the end, it was all worth the effort as it is as comfortable as it looks.

The One About The Altered Blazer

At times I have found myself in thrift or secondhand shops in Suva where I have often found treasures for very little price.

On my last such episode, I tumbled across a blazer which didnt fit me well but I bought it anyways since it was just a mere $6.00. Not to mention it was a wonderful colour and cotton lined!

I thought if I can fix it, fine; if not, it wont be a big loss.



So you see, it was loose at the waist, the shoulder and sleeve length are big. Hence, I got to cutting out the stitches and taking the blazer apart.


After running stitches through sides, shoulders and sleeves, I also cut off the length of the blazer. The final product isn’t my best piece of work, but its wearable ๐Ÿ™‚




The One About The Bonus Skirts

When out fabric shopping, I usually tend to buy a little bit of extra for those ‘just in case’ cases and love it when there is fabric left over from the initial project. Lately, I have been turning the leftover material into skirts. They are simple to make and can be mismatched with different coloured blouses. Although my personal favourite are vests. I haven’t photographed all the bonus skirts but here are the two latest ones.

Here is the left over from the mint green shift dress. It is a straight cut with gathers at the waist.

DSCF6516I had also made a wrap skirt as the fabric was cut out in the corners, so I just made a curve in the corners and added buttons to hold them in place. DSCF6536Iย still have a load of leftover material, just need to find the time to create something from it ๐Ÿ™‚

The One About Peplum & Pencil

Going through the load of fabric I had come to acquire over time, I came across a very stretchable grey fabric. While I cannot recall what I had bought it for I thought of utilising it for a skirt to go with a peplum blouse that I have been wanting to make.

I did a double stitch finishing for both the skirt and blouse using a double needle.



In the past I have not enjoyed working with super stretchable fabrics, but the Singer Quantum makes stitching stretchy fabrics a breeze ๐Ÿ™‚

The final products:



The One With Snake Prints

In trying to find the right combination of sassy and serious, I brought a plain black and a snake print fabrics together.


I wanted to make this dress with front pockets but didn’t want toย make a full cut; so just inserted the pockets and made some stitches for show ๐Ÿ˜€



And the end result…



The One With the Scallops

Eager to utilise my new Singer sewing machine but not willing to do much work, I decided to make another shift dress out of the mint green fabric I had bought from Atlas a few weeks back. Since it doesn’t take long for a shift dress to take form, I decided to add scallops to the finishing… and believe me, they are pretty to look at but a pain to make. Image Image Well, I exaggerate. It didn’t take much time, I was just lazy… The end result was a very comfy dress which can go from a lunch date to the office ๐Ÿ™‚ Image Image