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The One About the Black Long Coat

While planning for our trip to Europe in August, I desperately searched for a long coat. One that wasn’t too thick but would still provide some cover on a chilly evening. Needless to say, I didn’t find anything to my liking anywhere in Suva.

Since I had already set my mind on a long coat, I couldn’t shake off the idea. So, I created one 🙂

Its a simple make, but took me a good 3 hours  to cut and stitch as I had never made a coat before. I have since then taken every opportunity to sport the SJmade piece around the world!





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The One With The Polka Dots – 2

I think I have professed my love for polka dots in a previous post, so I will just get started on the pieces I created.


This fabric was bought and stitched more than a year ago but I only got around to wearing the dress this week! The design is very similar to the white dress for my civil union, just the skirt is a hi-low cut.



The leftover fabric was of course utilised and was turned into a blouse. The neckline is a bit of a cowl design, a bit; with a bow.



Not bad for a 3 metre fabric costing FJD18 now is it?

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The One With the Grid Prints

It has been a long, long time since I have stitched. Or posted on this blog. I had been busy feeding my soul by traveling to far flung places. Since I couldnt travel with my sewing machine, I had to supress the urge to create until I was back to my humble abode.

7.jpgSo once I was home, I of course went fabric shopping. Because one cannot have too many 🙂

The first piece I worked on was the grid print as the monochome inspired me. I am not sure how I feel about the finished product though.

I had made a blouse and a pair of pants, I am not brave [or silly?] enough to wear them together.

The pants are comfy and have pockets, which are always useful. However, I am just not too sure about them. What do you think?

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The One With the Prints

Even though I love solid colours [black], my heart does from time to time skip a beat on sighting prints. So when I set my eyes upon this print fabric, I bought more than I needed and ended up making a dress and a shirt; and I rarely make shirts.



The shirt was for my sweetheart. And for myself I made a sweetheart neckline, off-shoulder dress.





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The One With The Polka Dots – 1

Polka dots have been around for a very long time and all the generation of women in my family have proudly owned a polka dot piece as some point in their lives. I too have recently fallen in love with the array of circles.

I had wanted to make a summer swing dress dress [because tropical Fiji weather] and came across this really cheap fabric. So, why not?!?DSCF2560DSCF2558

And of course, I stitched a blouse with the left over fabric.


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The One About The LWD

I love colours; but more than that, I love the absence of them. I am in love with white, and black too. Its like an empty canvas and you can paint it whichever way you want.


Sometimes, I see a fabric and I will know what it will turn into. Other times, I would have no idea and buy the fabric anyway. Its a similar case with this white one. I had had it for a long time before its fate was sealed; and this too, only because I needed a dress for a brunch we were hosting at home!

Its a very simple cut and make and I did not take any in-process photographs 🙁

But I do have lots of end product photographs!


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The One With a Twist

A few months back, I happened across a beautiful and stretchable green fabric and thought to myself this would make a great dinner wear over the Christmas season. Well Christmas came and went and the fabric was still in my storage room; until last week when I did a stock take.



After much thought, I decided to try something new. I love dresses which accentuate the waist, and the twisted dress does just that!


Coupled with the right accessories, this dress is ready for the day or night.


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The One About the Ruched Red

This would be the first time I am stitching something in red, let along ruching it. I particularly wanted to try out the ruching as the fabric was so soft and would just fall into place perfectly. Stitching on the gathers on the other hand was a difficult matter. I ended up using all my pins to hold them in place.


The end result was a fabulous as I had imagined; and I had learned a few lessons as well.

  1. Ruched dresses need to be well fitted or else they tend to hand on the body.
  2. Increase the length of the dress/pattern to increase the amount of ruching.
  3. Always, always use larger length stitches for the first seam, just in case.


And with the left over fabric, I manged to stitch up  a loose fitted, off-shoulder blouse.

DSCF2918   DSCF2913DSCF2933



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The One About The Maxi Skirt

It has been so long since I had last written that I had forgotten I have a blog!
Stitching has happened recently either, but I shall write a bit about my easy to make maxi skirt today.

In one of my trips to Atlas, I had come across a gathered wringle-free fabric which I adored and bought to experiment. I had previously not handled gathered fabric so wasn’t too sure if the end product would be worth wearing. But seeing that it was only $4 FJD per metre, I bought a metre and half. After draping it in multiple fashion I finally settled on a maxi skirt because I was too lazy 🙂

So in less than 15mins, I had stitched the sides and was starting with the waistband.

photo 1

photo 4

Once stitched, its just wash and wear, very low maintenance – the kind of piece I like grabbing out of the closet on mornings I wake up late.

DSCF8172 Paired with a vest and a necklace – you are go to go 🙂

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The One in Grey

Work and studies have kept me busy for some time now…but like an addict, I can only go so long without my fix. Since I couldn’t make time to stitch, I had to make do with reading. At the moment I am reading Amitav Ghoshs’ The Shadow Lines and have immensely enjoyed the beautiful and vivid storytelling.

In any good book, one will always find at least one sentence which is pure truth and in this so far I have come across a painful one:

“Need is not transitive… one may need without oneself being needed”.


However, since there is not substitute for stitching, I just had to give up everything else for a few hours and do what I had to.

The one in grey is a result of purchasing too much fabric. I had previously made a pencil skirt out of it and now a formal dress. its a very simple cut and was easy to make as well. Although there were a few issue of stitching highly stretchable fabric; but nothing I cant handle 🙂


DSCF8151 DSCF8137

Needless to say, grey is a pretty nondescript colour; but wearing it doesn’t need to be boring. Paired with the right pair of heels and accessories, it becomes both timeless and practical.