The One About The Bonus Skirts

When out fabric shopping, I usually tend to buy a little bit of extra for those ‘just in case’ cases and love it when there is fabric left over from the initial project. Lately, I have been turning the leftover material into skirts. They are simple to make and can be mismatched with different coloured blouses. Although my personal favourite are vests. I haven’t photographed all the bonus skirts but here are the two latest ones.

Here is the left over from the mint green shift dress. It is a straight cut with gathers at the waist.

DSCF6516I had also made a wrap skirt as the fabric was cut out in the corners, so I just made a curve in the corners and added buttons to hold them in place. DSCF6536I still have a load of leftover material, just need to find the time to create something from it 🙂

The One With Bula Prints & Jersey

A couple of years ago, I made a dress out of Bula prints to wear to a friends wedding (I will dig out that dress and share a pic of it later). Since I changed my mind about the design of the dress, I was left with quite a bit of fabric and only recently did I do something about it.

I made a print and jersey combo dress with a bit of back detail and a pair of shorts.


Stitching cotton/tetron and jersey is always tricky as they require different thread tension and more often than not, I forget to change the settings. Despite my hemming woes, the stitches come out OK.


And so did the final product.