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The One With The Polka Dots – 2

I think I have professed my love for polka dots in a previous post, so I will just get started on the pieces I created.


This fabric was bought and stitched more than a year ago but I only got around to wearing the dress this week! The design is very similar to the white dress for my civil union, just the skirt is a hi-low cut.



The leftover fabric was of course utilised and was turned into a blouse. The neckline is a bit of a cowl design, a bit; with a bow.



Not bad for a 3 metre fabric costing FJD18 now is it?

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The One With The Polka Dots – 1

Polka dots have been around for a very long time and all the generation of women in my family have proudly owned a polka dot piece as some point in their lives. I too have recently fallen in love with the array of circles.

I had wanted to make a summer swing dress dress [because tropical Fiji weather] and came across this really cheap fabric. So, why not?!?DSCF2560DSCF2558

And of course, I stitched a blouse with the left over fabric.


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The One About the Ruched Red

This would be the first time I am stitching something in red, let along ruching it. I particularly wanted to try out the ruching as the fabric was so soft and would just fall into place perfectly. Stitching on the gathers on the other hand was a difficult matter. I ended up using all my pins to hold them in place.


The end result was a fabulous as I had imagined; and I had learned a few lessons as well.

  1. Ruched dresses need to be well fitted or else they tend to hand on the body.
  2. Increase the length of the dress/pattern to increase the amount of ruching.
  3. Always, always use larger length stitches for the first seam, just in case.


And with the left over fabric, I manged to stitch up  a loose fitted, off-shoulder blouse.

DSCF2918   DSCF2913DSCF2933



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The One About the White Blouse and Pencil Skirt

After the production of The White Dress  and the blouse from The One in Brown and Gold, I was still left with some fabric. So I tailored another white blouse because you cannot have too many of these.

Paired with a pencil skirt made from leftover fabric, I have got myself a fabulous work outfit. The neckline for the white blouse is from an old vest; I have just stitched it on.


By the way, check out the wall decoration. These are SJmade as well 🙂



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The One in Brown and Gold

A few months back I was due to present at a conference in Charlottetown, PEI and was in need of easy to pack pieces which could also double as chic outfits for the streets of New York City. As a result, I to set to work on a series of white blouses and pencil skirts.

The blouse here is from leftover fabric from The One About the White Dress.

The beadwork on the shoulder was handstitched and warranted a bit of grumbling.


The pencil skirt is pretty straight forward and easy to make. And when thrown together:


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The One In Green

One fortunate Saturday I found myself in Atlas where they had just restocked their $2/m fabric rolls. After a few minutes of digging for treasures, I found three fabric which I could imagine as SJmade pieces.


After much soul-searching, I embarked on cutting up the green rayon blend for a jumpsuit – because, well, I haven’t made one before!

DSCF0252 DSCF0257 DSCF0260Me thinks that the jumpsuit turned out pretty good. It has turned a few heads 😉

With the left over fabric, I made a colour block shift dress. Which not only looks lovely, but is comfortable to wear in our forever tropical climate.

DSCF0275 DSCF0281 DSCF0288

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The One With Embroidered Borders

A while back I worked on some leftover fabric and made a high-low cut blouse from it. I couldn’t do baby fold on the fabric as it was a bit heavy so I made a decorative stitch with a contrasting colour. And then I made many more decorative stitches and I loved it!



 More recently, I tried to do a remake of that design, and succeeded 🙂

I am beginning to love these easy breezy blouses a whole lot.

The black one, which is the latest of its kind took 2.5 hours to make as it is always a struggle to keep those stitches straight.






In the end, it was all worth the effort as it is as comfortable as it looks.

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The One About The Bonus Skirts

When out fabric shopping, I usually tend to buy a little bit of extra for those ‘just in case’ cases and love it when there is fabric left over from the initial project. Lately, I have been turning the leftover material into skirts. They are simple to make and can be mismatched with different coloured blouses. Although my personal favourite are vests. I haven’t photographed all the bonus skirts but here are the two latest ones.

Here is the left over from the mint green shift dress. It is a straight cut with gathers at the waist.

DSCF6516I had also made a wrap skirt as the fabric was cut out in the corners, so I just made a curve in the corners and added buttons to hold them in place. DSCF6536I still have a load of leftover material, just need to find the time to create something from it 🙂

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The One With Bula Prints & Jersey

A couple of years ago, I made a dress out of Bula prints to wear to a friends wedding (I will dig out that dress and share a pic of it later). Since I changed my mind about the design of the dress, I was left with quite a bit of fabric and only recently did I do something about it.

I made a print and jersey combo dress with a bit of back detail and a pair of shorts.


Stitching cotton/tetron and jersey is always tricky as they require different thread tension and more often than not, I forget to change the settings. Despite my hemming woes, the stitches come out OK.


And so did the final product.