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The One With Triangles

It was a fine sunny Saturday when I found myself in the fabric store. It was also a lucky day; I found fabric I wasnt even looking for.


The were rolls of these thick cotton-spandex blend; great for making office wear. For my day-to-day office wear, I like simple, no fuss dresses. Which why I love shift dresses [and keep on making them]. To add a bit of twist to the shift, I added triangles to the torso

IMG_3378 IMG_3377

I didn’t get the triangles to meet in the middle as the joints would have gotten too thick. Instead, I ran a cross stitch two centimetres from the triangles and it formed a perfect X.

DSCF1525 DSCF1526

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The One About The Maxi Skirt

It has been so long since I had last written that I had forgotten I have a blog!
Stitching has happened recently either, but I shall write a bit about my easy to make maxi skirt today.

In one of my trips to Atlas, I had come across a gathered wringle-free fabric which I adored and bought to experiment. I had previously not handled gathered fabric so wasn’t too sure if the end product would be worth wearing. But seeing that it was only $4 FJD per metre, I bought a metre and half. After draping it in multiple fashion I finally settled on a maxi skirt because I was too lazy 🙂

So in less than 15mins, I had stitched the sides and was starting with the waistband.

photo 1

photo 4

Once stitched, its just wash and wear, very low maintenance – the kind of piece I like grabbing out of the closet on mornings I wake up late.

DSCF8172 Paired with a vest and a necklace – you are go to go 🙂