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The One With The Polka Dots – 2

I think I have professed my love for polka dots in a previous post, so I will just get started on the pieces I created.


This fabric was bought and stitched more than a year ago but I only got around to wearing the dress this week! The design is very similar to the white dress for my civil union, just the skirt is a hi-low cut.



The leftover fabric was of course utilised and was turned into a blouse. The neckline is a bit of a cowl design, a bit; with a bow.



Not bad for a 3 metre fabric costing FJD18 now is it?

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The One With the Grid Prints

It has been a long, long time since I have stitched. Or posted on this blog. I had been busy feeding my soul by traveling to far flung places. Since I couldnt travel with my sewing machine, I had to supress the urge to create until I was back to my humble abode.

7.jpgSo once I was home, I of course went fabric shopping. Because one cannot have too many 🙂

The first piece I worked on was the grid print as the monochome inspired me. I am not sure how I feel about the finished product though.

I had made a blouse and a pair of pants, I am not brave [or silly?] enough to wear them together.

The pants are comfy and have pockets, which are always useful. However, I am just not too sure about them. What do you think?

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The One About the White Blouse and Pencil Skirt

After the production of The White Dress  and the blouse from The One in Brown and Gold, I was still left with some fabric. So I tailored another white blouse because you cannot have too many of these.

Paired with a pencil skirt made from leftover fabric, I have got myself a fabulous work outfit. The neckline for the white blouse is from an old vest; I have just stitched it on.


By the way, check out the wall decoration. These are SJmade as well 🙂



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The One in Brown and Gold

A few months back I was due to present at a conference in Charlottetown, PEI and was in need of easy to pack pieces which could also double as chic outfits for the streets of New York City. As a result, I to set to work on a series of white blouses and pencil skirts.

The blouse here is from leftover fabric from The One About the White Dress.

The beadwork on the shoulder was handstitched and warranted a bit of grumbling.


The pencil skirt is pretty straight forward and easy to make. And when thrown together:


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The One About The Polynesian Peplum


The infusion of our island cultures into our styles are nothing new. It is always exciting though to see the blend of the traditional with the contemporary.


I have not kept my love of stretchable fabric a secret, therefore its use here is no surprise. I have constantly used stretchable fabrics to avoid the use of zipper/buttons and I must say, it shaves hours from the stitching time.

20150124_174303 (2)

20150124_174459 (2) And in the end, one ends up with a piece that is modern and timeless at the same time 🙂

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The One With Laces & Whites

So I recently made an Indian inspired kurti/dress and had some leftovers from the lovely white material. Left with only triangular pieces, I dug out some lace to make a comfy blouse for the tropical weather.


The material was bit difficult to handle so I had to hand-stitch the edges before machine stitches.


Turned out pretty well me thinks.