Here is a collection of most things SJmade.

The One About the Guest Terrace

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been busy sorting and packing as we gear towards vacating our rental. We have lived there for a decade now and it is a bit overwhelming to say goodbye to this place. It was our first home, its where we made so many many memories. Our fights, […]

The One About The House

August has always been a special month for us, its a month of reflections and taking stock of where we are in life. Its the month we both celebrate our birthdays [on the same date] and the month when we plan for our biggest adventures. This August hasn’t been like the previous 11 Augusts. We […]

The One About An Abundance of Coconut Oil

It is no secret that I grew up on a farm; having all of what is needed for sustenance readily available. Despite having lived in Suva for the past thirteen years, I still depend on the farm for a lot. My parents still send over weekly packages of fruits and vegetables for us. Its a […]

The One About the Overlap Slit Dress

It has been a long time since I last stitched, or wrote here for that matter. So one fine day when I got the urge to design and stitch, I was not gonna suppress it. Never mind it was at 11am on a Wednesday morning while I was at work. I took a half day […]

The One About Chile

Some time last year Fiji Airways started its WOW Sales [with really WOW! fares]. The first set of sale fares included Nadi-Auckland return trip for around 500FJD. I remember we were having a weekend getaway at Bularangi Vila [our favourite Vila in Fiji] when the whole lot of us bought our tickets to Auckland for […]

The One About Taiwan

Before the year came to an end, Vee and I were packed up to squeeze in one last travel experience. We had been booked up til Hong Kong for a while but couldn’t quite agree on the end destination. The cost of travel and the weather always play a big role in our shortlisting criteria. […]

The One About Nepal

What are two friends to do with two weeks to spare? Plan a getaway of course! It all started sometime around mid last year when the local airline had a really good sale on flights to Singapore. So we bought that, and mulled over possible destinations for a few weeks before deciding on Nepal, and […]

Baked Goodies

I am sure you have found your way over here because you had come across one of my cupcakes, cookies, or brownies. And I am glad you liked them enough to note the web address! I take orders for baked goodies every now and then – whenever I end up with a bit of free […]

The One About the Birthday Prints

So we have just entered my birthday month and I have been reminiscing the grand time I had last year. My dearest threw me a birthday party and invited the 30 most nearest and dearest to me. A number of gifts I received were beautiful fabric in Pacific Islands, Indonesian, and African prints. Most of […]

The One About Golden Planters

A couple of years back I bought a little succulent plant from the ROC market in Suva. I am not much of a gardener nor am I a lover of all plants. My love is limited to palms, ferns, succulents, and cacti. And it seems my skills in keeping plants alive is even more limited. […]

The One About Sri Lanka

You know that feeling of wanting to be on the road soon after being back at home? Well, Vee and I aren’t too good with managing our itchy feet so we were scouting for a new cheap destination soon after our Indo-China trip last Nov-Dec. In the running were India, Philippines, and Sri Lanka. Since we […]

The One About the Overlap Dresses

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when I found myself [yet again] in Atlas somehow. To tell you the truth, it isn’t at all coincidental that we park in MHCC for our Saturday trips to the Suva market; it makes for an easy detour to Atlas 🙂 What caught my eye on this particular Saturday […]

The One About The Great European Adventure

Early in 2016 Vee and I had made the decision to not be in Fiji for our birthdays (we have the same birthday). I had wanted to be in Egypt but things were still a bit unsettled in that part of the world so we went with Europe, a continent we had thought to travel […]

The One About One Meter Dresses

It has been a while since my last project. Keeping a work-life balance is difficult sometimes. And sometimes, I am lazy. Eventhough lazy, create I must. So I have been working on simple shift dresses. Over the last few months of 2016, I had been hoarding fabric. I had bought multiple prints in only one […]

The One About the Printed Sleeves

Some 14 months ago, I had started on a project for my friends as a Chrismas gift. I am not sure what had transpired but I didnt finish the project until December 2016! :\ So in January 2017 I had some very pretty leftover fabric which wasnt enough for any project. Or so I thought, […]

The One About the Handblock Fabric Planters

For sometime now I have been trying to find a monochrome fabric to cover up the old and ugly planter for my yellow palm. I considered just changing the pot, but decided against it as I am afraid I might damage the roots while re-potting. So I thought of placing it in a fabric plant […]

The One About the Black Long Coat

While planning for our trip to Europe in August, I desperately searched for a long coat. One that wasn’t too thick but would still provide some cover on a chilly evening. Needless to say, I didn’t find anything to my liking anywhere in Suva. Since I had already set my mind on a long coat, […]

The One About the Framed Fabric

Some years back while in Bali, I got greedy and bought more Batik fabric than I needed. The prints were so intricate and the fabric itself was so soft, I couldn’t help myself. After making a few pieces to wear, I thought to make a wall hanging of one of the prints. These were after […]

The One About the Rustic Coffee Table

What is one to do when they inherit their grandfathers’ armchair and doesn’t have a table to go with it? Well, you create one of course! I had some pallet wood leftover from my last project which I had wanted to use up. So I set to work, working out how to maximise the resources […]

The One With The Polka Dots – 2

I think I have professed my love for polka dots in a previous post, so I will just get started on the pieces I created. This fabric was bought and stitched more than a year ago but I only got around to wearing the dress this week! The design is very similar to the white […]

The One With the Grid Prints

It has been a long, long time since I have stitched. Or posted on this blog. I had been busy feeding my soul by traveling to far flung places. Since I couldnt travel with my sewing machine, I had to supress the urge to create until I was back to my humble abode. So once […]

The One With the Prints

Even though I love solid colours [black], my heart does from time to time skip a beat on sighting prints. So when I set my eyes upon this print fabric, I bought more than I needed and ended up making a dress and a shirt; and I rarely make shirts. The shirt was for my […]

The One With The Polka Dots – 1

Polka dots have been around for a very long time and all the generation of women in my family have proudly owned a polka dot piece as some point in their lives. I too have recently fallen in love with the array of circles. I had wanted to make a summer swing dress dress [because […]

The One About The LWD

I love colours; but more than that, I love the absence of them. I am in love with white, and black too. Its like an empty canvas and you can paint it whichever way you want. Sometimes, I see a fabric and I will know what it will turn into. Other times, I would have […]

The One With a Twist

A few months back, I happened across a beautiful and stretchable green fabric and thought to myself this would make a great dinner wear over the Christmas season. Well Christmas came and went and the fabric was still in my storage room; until last week when I did a stock take.   After much thought, I […]

The One About the Ruched Red

This would be the first time I am stitching something in red, let along ruching it. I particularly wanted to try out the ruching as the fabric was so soft and would just fall into place perfectly. Stitching on the gathers on the other hand was a difficult matter. I ended up using all my […]

The One About the White Blouse and Pencil Skirt

After the production of The White Dress  and the blouse from The One in Brown and Gold, I was still left with some fabric. So I tailored another white blouse because you cannot have too many of these. Paired with a pencil skirt made from leftover fabric, I have got myself a fabulous work outfit. The neckline for […]

The One With Triangles

It was a fine sunny Saturday when I found myself in the fabric store. It was also a lucky day; I found fabric I wasnt even looking for. The were rolls of these thick cotton-spandex blend; great for making office wear. For my day-to-day office wear, I like simple, no fuss dresses. Which why I love […]

The One About the LBD

The little black dress is so timeless and iconic that I had not ventured to create one thus far. However, 6 weeks ago I threw caution to the wind and chalked up a design. Short and simple. “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress” – Karl Lagerfeld This is a simple shift dress with […]

The One About Colour Block Floral

Suva is currenlty going through its dark and moody weather. The kind in which all you want to do is curl up with a hot beverage and a good read. On days like these, a bit of colour and coffee can do a world of good. I had picked up the floral prints from Atlas […]

The One in Brown and Gold

A few months back I was due to present at a conference in Charlottetown, PEI and was in need of easy to pack pieces which could also double as chic outfits for the streets of New York City. As a result, I to set to work on a series of white blouses and pencil skirts. The […]

The One About The Fabric Covered Boxes

So I work in an office which uses up quite an amount of paper per year. We are capable of going through one box in a week (I am pro e-copies so this amount is a lot for me). This means we have a lot of boxes laying around. This is what I started off […]

The One About Hers & His

Being the self-centred artist that I am, I very rarely stitch for others. Even my better half is denied the pleasure of adorning SJmade too often. Therefore, when I do stitch self-lessly, it must be blogged 😀 So here is what I had set out to create for him [I am not at all good […]

The One About The White Dress

A few months back, in a sweet turn of events my partner and I executed the most short and simple marriage ceremony ever known to our friends and families. Being the types of souls who cringe at the thought of extravagant wedding…and spending; we limited ours to only include the those who are very very close to us. […]

The One In Green

One fortunate Saturday I found myself in Atlas where they had just restocked their $2/m fabric rolls. After a few minutes of digging for treasures, I found three fabric which I could imagine as SJmade pieces. After much soul-searching, I embarked on cutting up the green rayon blend for a jumpsuit – because, well, I […]

The One About The Brilliant White

In one of my fabric hunting trips, I found this white fabric with blue prints – I fell in love. To make it worse, it was stretchable! I had to have it then. Once home and a few dollars poorer, I set to work on this brilliant fabric. And did I mention that I am […]

The One About The Kurti and Patiala

While waiting for my pick up from the bus stand this weekend, I found myself staring directly across the road at a thrift shop with a banner stating 50% off. Now what better way to wait than to wait while shopping. I have found numerous treasures in thrift stores, but never before had I come across Indian […]

The One About The Polynesian Peplum

The infusion of our island cultures into our styles are nothing new. It is always exciting though to see the blend of the traditional with the contemporary. I have not kept my love of stretchable fabric a secret, therefore its use here is no surprise. I have constantly used stretchable fabrics to avoid the use of […]

The One About the Black Dress

Every wardrobe needs a little black dress, and mine needs one that’s SJmade! I absolutely love how useful this dress is – it takes me from the office to out on Fridays 😉

The Black and Yellow One

Last December, during the festivities and the shopping I found myself a brilliantly coloured fabric with Polynesian motifs. Its was a bit pricey so I only bought a little piece of it. I had some stretchy black fabric so the next thing you know, I had a black bodice dress! Trust me, it wasn’t as easy […]

The One About The Maxi Skirt

It has been so long since I had last written that I had forgotten I have a blog! Stitching has happened recently either, but I shall write a bit about my easy to make maxi skirt today. In one of my trips to Atlas, I had come across a gathered wringle-free fabric which I adored […]

The One in Grey

Work and studies have kept me busy for some time now…but like an addict, I can only go so long without my fix. Since I couldn’t make time to stitch, I had to make do with reading. At the moment I am reading Amitav Ghoshs’ The Shadow Lines and have immensely enjoyed the beautiful and vivid storytelling. […]

The One With Embroidered Borders

A while back I worked on some leftover fabric and made a high-low cut blouse from it. I couldn’t do baby fold on the fabric as it was a bit heavy so I made a decorative stitch with a contrasting colour. And then I made many more decorative stitches and I loved it!  More recently, […]

The One About the Open Day Wear

For a little more than a month now I have been working at the university I studied at. Every year the university celebrates it diversity and showcases its quality programmes through an Open Day. It has been a norm at the university that different sections/departments would pick out their materials, colours and designs to wear […]

The One For Mai

So Eid is coming up for those fasting which entails much festivities and dressing up. This year mummy dearest has requested that I stitch up something for her. Initially I was not so eager to do so as she is not easy to please but then she doesn’t take no for an answer either. Since […]

The One About The Altered Blazer

At times I have found myself in thrift or secondhand shops in Suva where I have often found treasures for very little price. On my last such episode, I tumbled across a blazer which didnt fit me well but I bought it anyways since it was just a mere $6.00. Not to mention it was […]

The One About The Bonus Skirts

When out fabric shopping, I usually tend to buy a little bit of extra for those ‘just in case’ cases and love it when there is fabric left over from the initial project. Lately, I have been turning the leftover material into skirts. They are simple to make and can be mismatched with different coloured […]

The One About Peplum & Pencil

Going through the load of fabric I had come to acquire over time, I came across a very stretchable grey fabric. While I cannot recall what I had bought it for I thought of utilising it for a skirt to go with a peplum blouse that I have been wanting to make. I did a […]

The One With Snake Prints

In trying to find the right combination of sassy and serious, I brought a plain black and a snake print fabrics together. I wanted to make this dress with front pockets but didn’t want to make a full cut; so just inserted the pockets and made some stitches for show 😀 And the end result…

The One With the Scallops

Eager to utilise my new Singer sewing machine but not willing to do much work, I decided to make another shift dress out of the mint green fabric I had bought from Atlas a few weeks back. Since it doesn’t take long for a shift dress to take form, I decided to add scallops to […]

The One About The Singer

Last Sunday, my friends and I made a trip to the Courts Clearance Sale where I came across a sole Singer Quantum Stylist sewing machine in the midst of endless electronics.  I knew there were several of these at the sale a day before therefore I was a bit surprised to see only one left. The […]

The One With Bula Prints & Jersey

A couple of years ago, I made a dress out of Bula prints to wear to a friends wedding (I will dig out that dress and share a pic of it later). Since I changed my mind about the design of the dress, I was left with quite a bit of fabric and only recently did […]

The One About The First Piece

I started stitching when I was 11. First it was just adjusting garments or sewing ripped seams, especially on my school uniform. Then it was stitching straight seams or hems on garments my grandmothers were making. It was only towards the end of 2000 that I had the opportunity and resources to cut and stitch […]

The One With The Silky Prints

I recently indulged in a bit of fabric shopping. There are very few places in Suva where one can get quality and unique fabrics and you can count them on one hand. One of my favourite is Atlas in Marks Street. They have a wide range and the cheapest deals on the rolls which are almost […]

The One With Batiks & Blacks

When I first saw the fabric, I though I would frame it as a remnant of my travels… and then I figured photographs do that already and I might as well stitch this up. So after thinking of multiple designs and going through several Pinterest posts, I settled on a simple shift dress. The front […]

The One About The Next Stitch

During my travels to Malaysia, I had bought 2 metres of Batik material. And since then have wondered on many occasions, why not more… Anyways, after more than a year of thinking what to make of it, I have finally made up my mind (for half of the material at least). Will be posting that up […]

The One With Laces & Whites

So I recently made an Indian inspired kurti/dress and had some leftovers from the lovely white material. Left with only triangular pieces, I dug out some lace to make a comfy blouse for the tropical weather. The material was bit difficult to handle so I had to hand-stitch the edges before machine stitches. Turned out pretty […]

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