The One About the Printed Sleeves

Some 14 months ago, I had started on a project for my friends as a Chrismas gift. I am not sure what had transpired but I didnt finish the project until December 2016! :\

So in January 2017 I had some very pretty leftover fabric which wasnt enough for any project. Or so I thought, until the bright idea of using the prints as sleeves popped into my head. I had done print and plain before, but it was a floral print. I had also recently made a long sleeve “Bula Shirt”for the mister and quite loved the idea, so I set to work on a print and plain long sleeve dress for myself.

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Its a very simple cut and make, but the finished product has turned many heads! šŸ˜‰

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Shaiza Janif

A thirty-something who finds pleasure in creating beautiful things. I am equal parts creative and lazy, so at times just the thought of creating suffices for me :)

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