The One In Green

One fortunate Saturday I found myself in Atlas where they had just restocked their $2/m fabric rolls. After a few minutes of digging for treasures, I found three fabric which I could imagine as SJmade pieces.


After much soul-searching, I embarked on cutting up the green rayon blend for a jumpsuit – because, well, I haven’t made one before!

DSCF0252 DSCF0257 DSCF0260Me thinks that the jumpsuit turned out pretty good. It has turned a few heads 😉

With the left over fabric, I made a colour block shift dress. Which not only looks lovely, but is comfortable to wear in our forever tropical climate.

DSCF0275 DSCF0281 DSCF0288

Published by

Shaiza Janif

A thirty-something who finds pleasure in creating beautiful things. I am equal parts creative and lazy, so at times just the thought of creating suffices for me :)

2 thoughts on “The One In Green”

  1. when I first saw you stitching, I thought it’s a phase and you will get over the new hobbie trend. but you didn’t. you doing so well and very inspiring. I owe you a coffee and you have to make some quality time for some talk. been ages have not had a decent conversation with you. All the best with tailoring other two sets of fabrics
    much love,

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