The One in Grey

Work and studies have kept me busy for some time now…but like an addict, I can only go so long without my fix. Since I couldn’t make time to stitch, I had to make do with reading. At the moment I am reading Amitav Ghoshs’ The Shadow Lines and have immensely enjoyed the beautiful and vivid storytelling.

In any good book, one will always find at least one sentence which is pure truth and in this so far I have come across a painful one:

“Need is not transitive… one may need without oneself being needed”.


However, since there is not substitute for stitching, I just had to give up everything else for a few hours and do what I had to.

The one in grey is a result of purchasing too much fabric. I had previously made a pencil skirt out of it and now a formal dress. its a very simple cut and was easy to make as well. Although there were a few issue of stitching highly stretchable fabric; but nothing I cant handle 🙂


DSCF8151 DSCF8137

Needless to say, grey is a pretty nondescript colour; but wearing it doesn’t need to be boring. Paired with the right pair of heels and accessories, it becomes both timeless and practical.

Published by

Shaiza Janif

A thirty-something who finds pleasure in creating beautiful things. I am equal parts creative and lazy, so at times just the thought of creating suffices for me :)

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