The One About the Open Day Wear

For a little more than a month now I have been working at the university I studied at. Every year the university celebrates it diversity and showcases its quality programmes through an Open Day. It has been a norm at the university that different sections/departments would pick out their materials, colours and designs to wear during the Open Day. This year, the Research Office staff opted for an ocean blue shade with black prints.

This year, is the first time I have ever got anything made by a tailor (at least one who isn’t related to me!). Needless to say, I was anxious about the whole thing.

The package arrived a day before the Open Day – understandably, considering the quantity of others placed by the university.


Being very eager to know how it had turned out; I tried on the sulu-jamba. Obviously, it needed adjustments – one just doesn’t get the perfect piece from another tailor. But this I knew as soon as I saw the package – they got the name wrong, I doubted the measurements would have been correct.



So I took the top apart and re-stitched it. The top wasn’t very symmetrical therefore it took me almost two hours to get to the right fitting.


IMG_4401 IMG_4402

The next morning, I was just as eager to put on the edited version of the attire and trot around the campus!


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Shaiza Janif

A thirty-something who finds pleasure in creating beautiful things. I am equal parts creative and lazy, so at times just the thought of creating suffices for me :)

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