The One About The Altered Blazer

At times I have found myself in thrift or secondhand shops in Suva where I have often found treasures for very little price.

On my last such episode, I tumbled across a blazer which didnt fit me well but I bought it anyways since it was just a mere $6.00. Not to mention it was a wonderful colour and cotton lined!

I thought if I can fix it, fine; if not, it wont be a big loss.



So you see, it was loose at the waist, the shoulder and sleeve length are big. Hence, I got to cutting out the stitches and taking the blazer apart.


After running stitches through sides, shoulders and sleeves, I also cut off the length of the blazer. The final product isn’t my best piece of work, but its wearable 🙂




Published by

Shaiza Janif

A thirty-something who finds pleasure in creating beautiful things. I am equal parts creative and lazy, so at times just the thought of creating suffices for me :)

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